W.M Ministry

     Pawlpi in Topa gam zai semsemna dingin ngimna leh gelna tampi nei hi. Hih ngimna leh gelna te tangtun' zawhna dingin panmun tuamtuam (Department tuamtuam) te koih in mapangna lianpi nei hi. Panmun tuamtuam (Department tuamtuam) te sung pan WM ministry te mapan'na leh nasepna in Pawlpi adingin athupi mahmah khat ahi hi.

WM thupina leh Mapan'na

A Thupi'na

     WM ministry i cih in, Pawlpi sungah om numei(Nupi)teng khut kilen a mapangkhopna leh nasepkhopna ahi hi. A diakdiak in gamdang tung numei(Nupi) te pen pasal(Papi) te bang mahin nuntakna dingin naa nakpi semin, tua ban ah innsung vai ahi' ta te nekding dawn dingteng bawlsak, sepsak lai in, a buai phamahmah te hi uh hi. Lam khat pan gen ni cilehang, pasal(Papi) te sang'in nasep tampi anei zawte hi uh hi. Ahih hangin Pasian a itna tawh Topa gam a ding panmun thupi takin hong nei lai uh ahih manin Nute tungah i lungdamna beingeilo ding hi.


1.  Sumpi-Lawmbawm(Suhbu)te pawlpi inn simah koihin, kha (6) teh khatvei ta kaihkhopna nei hi. A kingah zah sumte tawh gammial na sepna ah mapan'na nei hi.

2. Buhpham bung zong nei in, hih buhpham bung te pawlpi innsim ah hawmkhia uh hi. Buhpham te kaihkhop kik ding ani genkhol in kaihkhopna kinei hi. A ki ngah zahzah buhpham te kizuak kik in, tua pan kingah sum te tawh gammialna sepna ah mapan'na nei hi.

      Pasian gam ading itna leh veina tawh panmun nih thupi takin a neih khit ban ah mailam ah Fund zon' theihna ding lampi tuamtuamte zong lungngai lai uh hi. I nupi te ading in thungetna tawh panpih ciat ni.   


Women Ministries

First Line(L to R): Sianu Don Go Cing, Nu Ning, Pi Cing Lian Dim, Aunty Tes,

                                Nu Go Lun Vung(Chairperson)

Second Line(L to R): Nu Thang Deih Huai(EC-Member), Nu Go Man Cing, Nu 

                                     Don Muan Cing(EC-Member), Nu Do Lam Niang, Nu Cing   

                                     Muan, Nu Cing Lam Maan(EC-Member), Nu Dim Khan Lun,

                                     Aunty Saw, Aunty Penny, Nu Vung Sian Mang(Secretary), Nu

                                     Suan Khan Dim(EC-Member), Nu Luan Ngaih Nuam


W.M Ministry-Meeting leh Fellowship neih laitak

W.M Makaih na tawh Nute ni (Mother's day)hunbawl sung letsongpiakna hi.


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Raise Your Hand

The St. Olaf Choir from Northfield, Minnesota, is renowned for making beautiful music. One reason for its excellence is the selection process. Applicants are chosen based not only on how well they sing but also on how they sound as part of the whole. Another reason is that all members agree to make the choir their first priority and commit to a rigorous rehearsal and performance schedule.

One of the things that intrigues me the most about this choir is what happens during rehearsals. Whenever members make a mistake, they raise their hand. Instead of trying to hide the blunder, they call attention to it! This allows the conductor to help each singer learn the difficult part, and it increases the likelihood of a flawless performance.

I think this is the kind of community Jesus was establishing when He told Nicodemus that God sent His Son into the world to save it, not condemn it (John 3:17). Shortly after this conversation, Jesus encountered a Samaritan woman at the public well. He made it easy for her to admit failure by promising her a better way of life where she could enjoy His forgiveness (John 4).

As members of Christ’s body on Earth, we should not fear admitting our wrongs but welcome it as an opportunity to together experience and rejoice in the forgiveness of God.

US gambup Online Prayer

"US gambup Online prayer line pan thunget sak na asawt loin kihong ta ding hi" USA gambup ah om, Zomipih te sungah vai tuamtuam leh thu tuamtuamte hangin mimal leh innkuan sungah haksatna anei tampi ih om hi. Hih haksatna te hangin thungetsak ding alunggulh mi tampi mah zong ih om hi. Hih bang a, thungetsak ding alunggulh mitampi-te in, omna ki batlohna leh omna kigamlatna te hangin thukizakna leh kizopna nei theilo hi. Ahi zongin, Khalam ah Pasian mizat leh thungetna lam ah a hat mi-te in, veina leh deihsakna lianpi tawh kipiakhia a, thu hong ngetsak dingin ki gingsa in om uh hi. Tua ahih manin omna ih ki gamlat hang, amanlang thei pen a, thu kiza a, thu ki ngetsak theihna ding in, Phone Line (Prayer Line ) pan thungetsak theihna asawtlo in ki hong ta ding hi. Hih thu tawh kisai in atheinuam ih om leh (561)707-8729 ah ki kanthei hi.
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