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     Pa Kham Kap Hang(Hangbawi) pen Kalemyo(Kawlpi) ah suak hi. A mah pen Pasian a it mahmah khat leh Media lam ah lunglut in nuam a sangiat khat ahi hi. A Nu Pi Ciin Ngaih Maan le A Pa Pu Hang Za Suante hia, Kawlpi gam Nahanwe(Nahnuai) khua ah piang uh hi. Suahpih unau li pha in, tua sungah aneu pen hi. Tulaitak in Azi  Nu Man Nuam Cing(Tes) leh ata-te tawh Florida gam-uk, North Miami ah teeng uh hi.

Pawlpi Sungah Panmun

     Pawlpi sungah Media leh Information Department ah panmunpi(tavuan) len in om hi. Tua banah Pawpi ah sumkeem(Treasurer) zong sem in, Inn vai, na sepna vai tampi tawh abuai mahmah kawmkal ah Pawlpi adingin hun apiazo, mapan'na aneizo den khat ahi hi. Biakpiakna hunsim ah Pawlpi Siapa sermon leh zinsiate  thugenna(sermon)khempeuh leh ahunzui-a, pawlpi nasepna tawh kisai Record(Ciapteh) ding khempeuh hong na van sak hi. Tua bekthamlo in Pawlpi Website(  leh Youtube te ah na koih sak(Edit) sak den hi. 

     Media na sepna tawh kisai-in theihnop, dotnop leh Video kopnop aneinuam te in a ma tungah ki dong thei hi. 


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The Cyrus Cylinder

In 1879, archaeologists discovered a remarkable little item in an area now known as Iraq (biblical Babylon). Just 9 inches long, the Cyrus Cylinder records something that King Cyrus of Persia did 2,500 years ago. It says that Cyrus allowed a group of people to return to their homeland and rebuild their “holy cities.”

It’s the same story told in Ezra 1. There we read that “the Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia” to make a proclamation (v. 1). And in that proclamation, Cyrus said he was releasing the captives in Babylon to go home to Jerusalem, re-establish their homes, and rebuild their temple (vv. 2-5).

But there’s more to the story. Daniel confessed his sins and his people’s sins and pleaded with God to end the Babylonian captivity (Dan. 9). In response to Daniel’s prayer, God sent an angel to speak to Daniel (v. 21). Later He moved Cyrus to release the Hebrews. (See also Jer. 25:11-12; 39:10.)

Together, the Cyrus Cylinder and God’s Word combine to show us that the king’s heart was changed and he allowed the exiled Hebrews to go home and worship.

This story has great implications for us today. In a world that seems out of control, we can rest assured that God can move the hearts of leaders. We read in Proverbs 21:1 that “the king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord.” And Romans 13:1 says that “there is no authority except from God.” 

The Lord, who is able to change our own hearts as well as the hearts of our leaders, can be trusted for He is in control. Let’s ask Him to work.

US gambup Online Prayer

"US gambup Online prayer line pan thunget sak na asawt loin kihong ta ding hi" USA gambup ah om, Zomipih te sungah vai tuamtuam leh thu tuamtuamte hangin mimal leh innkuan sungah haksatna anei tampi ih om hi. Hih haksatna te hangin thungetsak ding alunggulh mi tampi mah zong ih om hi. Hih bang a, thungetsak ding alunggulh mitampi-te in, omna ki batlohna leh omna kigamlatna te hangin thukizakna leh kizopna nei theilo hi. Ahi zongin, Khalam ah Pasian mizat leh thungetna lam ah a hat mi-te in, veina leh deihsakna lianpi tawh kipiakhia a, thu hong ngetsak dingin ki gingsa in om uh hi. Tua ahih manin omna ih ki gamlat hang, amanlang thei pen a, thu kiza a, thu ki ngetsak theihna ding in, Phone Line (Prayer Line ) pan thungetsak theihna asawtlo in ki hong ta ding hi. Hih thu tawh kisai in atheinuam ih om leh (561)707-8729 ah ki kanthei hi.
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