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Hollywood, FL 33020, USA

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Mailing Address; 

P.O.Box 6676

Lake Worth, FL-33466,


Myanmar Mission Church is a place of Hope, a place of Worship and a place of Joy. If you feel that it is the right place for you to seek God's presence and His provision or any concerns, Please contact Church Pastor or each department head right away. We are here for you to pray, to help and to answer any questions that you might have concerning your spiritual condition such as family, personal and others. Thanks.

Church Pastor;

Senior Pastor Rev.Kham Do Thang (Sia Thangno)

Email  :

Phone : (561) 707-8729


Literature Department;

Mr.Neng Khan Pau (Nengpau)

Email  :
Phone : (786) 354-1790
Media Department;
Mr.Kham Kap Hang (Hangbawi)
Email  :
Phone : (305) 519-5951
Mission Department;
Mr. Pau Za Kap (Paukap)
Email  :
Phone : (305) 803-8678
Music and Song Department;
Mr.Thang Suan Mang (TSmang)
Email  :
Phone : (954) 274-7252
Social & Information Department;
Mr. Zam Suan Pau (Paupek)
Email  :
Phone  : (561) 644-1259
Email Adress:


Romans 14:11

“It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.’””

US gambup Online Prayer

"US gambup Online prayer line pan thunget sak na asawt loin kihong ta ding hi" USA gambup ah om, Zomipih te sungah vai tuamtuam leh thu tuamtuamte hangin mimal leh innkuan sungah haksatna anei tampi ih om hi. Hih haksatna te hangin thungetsak ding alunggulh mi tampi mah zong ih om hi. Hih bang a, thungetsak ding alunggulh mitampi-te in, omna ki batlohna leh omna kigamlatna te hangin thukizakna leh kizopna nei theilo hi. Ahi zongin, Khalam ah Pasian mizat leh thungetna lam ah a hat mi-te in, veina leh deihsakna lianpi tawh kipiakhia a, thu hong ngetsak dingin ki gingsa in om uh hi. Tua ahih manin omna ih ki gamlat hang, amanlang thei pen a, thu kiza a, thu ki ngetsak theihna ding in, Phone Line (Prayer Line ) pan thungetsak theihna asawtlo in ki hong ta ding hi. Hih thu tawh kisai in atheinuam ih om leh (561)707-8729 ah ki kanthei hi.
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